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Dan’s Top5 Internet Finds (9/2)

Guess who?  Wrong, it’s me.  I scoured the website looking for porn cool, interesting, funny (insert positive emotional word here) stuff to share with you this week.  Without further lesser ado, this week’s Top5 Finds.  It’s literally my best Top5 ever.  Literally the best Top5 of anything…ever. Literally.



I think it’s time we start killing ourselves.



Remember those old activities you would do in science class?  Like, “What eats a fly?  A spider.  What eats a spider?  A bird. Etc, etc?  Well, this story relates to that.  Except it all happened in one short moment.


To capture a sand tiger shark, researchers baited a hook with a menhaden, a common marine fish, which was quickly snatched up by a smooth dogfish (Mustelus canis). “This unlucky smooth dogfish couldn’t resist the menhaden used as bait and, unfortunately, fell victim to one of the top predators in the bay,” ORB researchers wrote on their Facebook page. “The dogfish was about 3 feet [1 meter] long and completely swallowed by the sand tiger shark.”
TLDR?  Pretty much researchers caught a dogfish using a small bait fish.  That dogfish was swallowed by a sand tiger shark.  The only way this could get better is if one of the researchers stuck his hand in there and got bit by both of them.



 Is this seat taken?

Even though she is handicapped, she’s willing to give a seat to an obese, egg-shaped woman. You, my friend, are a HERO.



Well, even though I live in Korea and don’t follow pop culture that much, thanks to Facebook and every other ‘news’ outlet on the internet, I had to hear/read/see about Miley Cyrus and her performance on MTV.  Thankfully, every single person who is alive and uses the internet gave their opinion on it.  Thank you, all of you.  No matter how you felt about her performance….remember one thing.  THIS GUY ENJOYED IT:



The following picture is a very romantic and sensual excerpt from one of the greatest romance books in history.  While reading, be sure to really get into the characters:


A classic love story, indeed.  There it is ladies and gents.  That was my Top5 Internet Finds from the previous week.  If you haven’t seen my others, check them out here:

Love you,


Dan Wiberg
Dan Wiberg lives in South Korea where he is a university "professor" and on and off stand up comic. He grew up enjoying the beautiful beaches of Tampa Bay, Florida. After graduating with a degree in anthropology (this degree legally allows him to tell racist jokes), he came across an internet ad to teach in Asian in 2009. He's been in Korea ever since. He started doing stand-up and his biggest credits to date are opening for Tom Rhodes and doing a three day comedy tour throughout Korea with his group of comedy pals (the Waygoonies). Dan says stuff on Twitter sometimes @DanWiberg.

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