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Dan’s Top5 Internet Finds (3/23/2015)

Hi. Did you have a nice week? Maybe one of these things will improve your day. Like and share if you enjoy!

1. WEBSITE of the week

Pretty cool.


2. GOOD JOBS of the week

The graphic designer who didn't quite grasp how to draw hands yet.

26 People Who Managed To Mess Up Their One Job

The person who was responsible for designing this book cover.

And whoever was in charge of the price tag placement in the kids' section of the bookstore.

The person who was told to make this sign.

The creator of this savoury treat.

The person who tried to introduce these grapes to the market.

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Whoever was convinced E.T. should grow some balls.

And the person who was in charge of writing this summary for the local news.

The heads of marketing that came up with these wonderful website URLs.

This "antique" entrepreneur.

And this genius who came up with the name for this toy.

Whoever made this.

The person who signed off on this slide design.

And the genius who thought this was a brilliant idea. What could go wrong?

Whoever built this piece of furniture.

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The fashion designer who had a dream of making it big in the mutant world.

The person who had to sort the cards.

The Target employee who was in charge of ordering new name tags.

This architect who clearly doesn't like children.

This young programmer who is constantly hungry.

And finally, the producer of this bodysuit for toddlers that completely forgot who his target audience is.

3. LAUGH of the week

4. BOXING VIDEO of the week

An hour of Mike Tyson KO’s.


5. POOR CHOICES of the week

The guy with the world's worst Mother's Day present:

This aspiring billionaire:

This entire family:

Elvis' worst fan:

Megan's ex:

This loving family:

Anyone and everyone with a Maury tattoo:

This person who got this important anatomy tattoo:

And this person who got this way less important anatomy tattoo:

The coolest teen from 2008:

This guy who probably hasn't seen Road House:

Drew and his bad memory:

This guy who clearly confused Michael Jackson with Nickelodeon's "Doug":

The guy with this tasty tribute:

This person keeping the dream alive:

This guy who was almost certainly rightfully convicted based solely on his tattoos:

The perpetrator behind this dog-owl...dowl?


Bob Marley's worst fan:

The person behind this:

Chris Farley's worst fan:

Anyone with a Ronald Reagan back tattoo:

The king of the jungle:

This guy whose live is game:




Dan Wiberg
Dan Wiberg lives in South Korea where he is a university "professor" and on and off stand up comic. He grew up enjoying the beautiful beaches of Tampa Bay, Florida. After graduating with a degree in anthropology (this degree legally allows him to tell racist jokes), he came across an internet ad to teach in Asian in 2009. He's been in Korea ever since. He started doing stand-up and his biggest credits to date are opening for Tom Rhodes and doing a three day comedy tour throughout Korea with his group of comedy pals (the Waygoonies). Dan says stuff on Twitter sometimes @DanWiberg.

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