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Dan’s Top5 Internet Finds (1/12/2015)


1. SARCASM of the week

dont swipe  0 -

dont swipe  2 -

dont swipe  4 -

dont swipe  6 -

dont swipe  8 -

dont swipe  10 -

18 Of The Most Sarcastic Things To Ever Happen  12 -

dont swipe  14 -

dont swipe  16 -

dont swipe  18 -

dont swipe  20 -

dont swipe  22 -

dont swipe  24 -

dont swipe  26 -

dont swipe  28 -

18 Of The Most Sarcastic Things To Ever Happen  30 -

18 Of The Most Sarcastic Things To Ever Happen  32 -

18 Of The Most Sarcastic Things To Ever Happen  34 -

2. INVENTION of the week


3. VIDEO of the week



4.  ANIMAL FRIENDS of the week

The Yellow Lab and His Duckling

The Cat and Her Squirrel

The Boxer and His Kid

The Springer Spaniel and Her Lambs

The Border Collie and His Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Piglets

The Owl and Her Gosling

The German Shorthaired Pointer and Her Owlet

The Great Dane and His Fawn

The German Shepherd–Doberman Mix and His Baby Badger

The Foxhound and Her Fox Kits

The Cow and Her Lambs

The Pointer–Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix and Her Baby Llama

The Boxer and Her Piglet

The Chimpanzee and Her Puppies

The Bulldog and Her Baby Squirrels

The Rabbit and Her Kittens

The Chicken and Her Rottweiler Puppies

The Pointer Mix and His Joey

The Labrador and Her Baby Pygmy Hippo

The Akita and Her Lion Cub

The Chihuahua and His Baby Marmoset


5. MUSHROOM GIFS of the week










Dan Wiberg
Dan Wiberg lives in South Korea where he is a university "professor" and on and off stand up comic. He grew up enjoying the beautiful beaches of Tampa Bay, Florida. After graduating with a degree in anthropology (this degree legally allows him to tell racist jokes), he came across an internet ad to teach in Asian in 2009. He's been in Korea ever since. He started doing stand-up and his biggest credits to date are opening for Tom Rhodes and doing a three day comedy tour throughout Korea with his group of comedy pals (the Waygoonies). Dan says stuff on Twitter sometimes @DanWiberg.

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