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Dan’s Top5 Internet Finds (8/22/2016)

HI THERE! Did you have a nice weekend?! Did you check out my Top5 Internet Finds last week? Well, I got a lot of good feedback (more than one like on Facebook)! If you like or laugh at anything you see below, how about liking and sharing on Facebook/Twitter or

Dan’s Top5 Internet Finds IS BACK (8/16/2016)

Hey! Remember me?! The last Top5 I did was a while ago...actually, it was 4/20 of last year! Turns out I forgot my username and password to and I was too lazy to go through the process of getting those back, so I just stopped doing it for over a

Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing for, the digital magazine all your friends would be reading if they knew it existed. We are always looking to help promote talented writers, thinkers, social activists, humorists and photographers, be they up-and-coming, or already established and looking to reach new audiences.

Why I Think I’m Feeling the Bern

I want to start this post by stating, without equivocation, I am and have been a registered Republican in the state of California since I've been able to vote. Now, that statement, these days, sounds like a confession more than a simple statement of fact. And that's the real problem.

Top 15 Albums of 2015

What an incredible year for music. There have been a number of projects that have either pushed the boundaries of genres or simply been wonderful additions to them. While my list IS admittedly hip-hop biased (the Bjork & Tame Impala albums were GREAT though), there are several projects on here

5 Reasons To Go To Church Even If You’re A Nonbeliever

When most people think of going to church one of the most obvious things they think about is gathering to worship God. They’re not wrong of course, but there are other reasons to join a church. The idea that you have to be a bible thumping Christian in order to join

An Interview With Rick: Ghosts, The Demon Lizard, And Seroquel

“You’re only the third person I’ve ever told this to.” Being in the mental health field for the last three years I’ve had some pretty wild experiences. Some are positive and some are negative. Sometimes it’s not even from my clients that I hear the wild stuff. Sometimes it’s just

Dan’s Top5 Internet Finds (4/20/2015)

Happy 4/20 Everybody. Enjoy! Like, share, Tweet, Retweet, etcetera, words. 1. TRANSLATIONS of the week   2. YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS of the week   3. MONK VILLAGE of the week (Sertar, China) 4. DOLLS of the week 5. RANDOM of the week