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Dan’s Top5 Internet Finds (9/27/2016) PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE EDITION

To keep the NSB presidential theme going, I decided to dedicate this Top5 to tonight's presidential debate (and the election). If you are a fan of either Trump or Clinton (or a hater of either/both), then I guarantee you that one of these will tickle your funny bone. Like if

Walter, Danny & PK: Kings of KTown

Koreatown Los Angeles wasn't always a nightlife hot spot for all Angelinos, but in recent years, the largely homogeneous population of soju drinkers has experienced a big and wonderful change, non-Koreans have joined the fray. While I won't sit here and say that this is what pushed the Kings of

OC Block Party: This Year’s 4th of July Hot Spot

In the summer of 2013, a small group of friends decided to bring something unique and fun to the Koreatown (Los Angeles, CA) scene in the form of KTOWN Night Market (KNM). An event that featured a large number of vendors from the area offering clothing, accessories, food, games and

A Portrait of the Artist: Thomas Lynch

Thomas Lynch grew up in LA, oldest of four sons to his father, a TV writer, and his mother, nurse-turned-full-time-mother-of-four. Life for Thomas was probably the same as most. He attended St. Paul School in LA and ultimately went on to Loyola High School. Like most teenagers, he wondered what the next step

Nicki vs Iggy

Nicki Minaj, for better or worse, is one of music's biggest stars. With hits like Super Bass, Starships and features like Bang Bang or straight hitters like Monster where she drops the hottest verse on the track; love her and that fake ass or hate her, there's no denying her star

Danny Cho: KTown Cowboy

Danny Cho didn't grow up like other Korean kids in Los Angeles. Danny grew up in East LA, Boyle Heights to be exact, the only Asian kid on his block. He grew up in a largely Hispanic environment and like his other inner city peers, he saw friends live the

Where John Oliver gets Ayn Rand Wrong and Right

A few days ago, John Oliver from HBO's “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” presented a three-and-a-half-minute long segment entitled “Ayn Rand – How is she still a thing?” To those unaware, I have considered myself a student of Objectivism and have been studying the philosophy for many years. So, when I watched