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6 Questions for Trump’s Supports and His GOP Haters

After cleaning up on Super Tuesday, it now seems clear that the unimaginable is going to happen: a fascist demagogue will be the nominee of a major US political party. While I am not as troubled by this as many, mostly because I think it’s more likely Trump's nomination will spell the

Am I the Only One Who Loves Donald Trump?

Donald Trump might not be the presidential frontrunner the GOP establishment wants, but he most certainly is the candidate they deserve. In fact, based on the kind of politics the GOP has been involved in for the last eight years, and in some cases decades, I’d say Trump perfectly embodies

How to Tell When Your Political Ideology Is a Bust?

It has been a hell of a few weeks in US politics. The usual stagnate and un-moving nature of things has given way, for the moment, and we have recently seen some massive changes in very quick succession. While I consider myself a bit of a politics junkie, some of

Kansas to Poor People: You Need Less Money

Last week, Kansas was thrust into the national spotlight with the signing of what is now known as the "ATM rule". The legislation was created and puts into place a withdrawal limit on welfare accounts to the tune of $25 a day. This was a follow up to another piece

6 Things Money Shouldn’t Be Able to Buy You

Just to drive a stake through the heart of any future political ambition I might someday have, I've decided to create the most unAmerican list of things I can think of, a list of things money should not be able to buy a person. I call this list unAmerican because

Is Hillary Woman Enough To Be Our First Female President?

I firmly believe the reason Barack Obama was able to beat Hillary Clinton in ’08 came down to her stance on the Iraq War. Her decision to vote for it undermined all her attempts to paint Obama as someone who was inexperienced and not ready for the job. How could

New Indiana Legislation Legalizes Religious Discrimination

Citizens of Indiana on all sides of the controversial Religious Freedom legislation, which in effect legalized discrimination against homosexuals, were left in shock when Governor Mike Pence announced Wednesday morning that he would sign into law a bill, dubbed the Freedom from Religious Institutions Act (FRIA), effectively allowing businesses to

Where John Oliver gets Ayn Rand Wrong and Right

A few days ago, John Oliver from HBO's “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” presented a three-and-a-half-minute long segment entitled “Ayn Rand – How is she still a thing?” To those unaware, I have considered myself a student of Objectivism and have been studying the philosophy for many years. So, when I watched

Detroit: A New Police Chief and His Armed Citizens Are Taking Back Their City

“Bankrupt and crime ridden.” That’s a how a Detroit native referred to his hometown when I met him at a Cleveland Browns game last year. It’s hard to believe that at one time (1960), Detroit had the highest per-capita income of any city in the United States. But that was