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11 Reasons “Top Chef” Is The Best of “Reality” Competition

People compete over a lot of things on “reality” TV: love, survival, jobs, student-loan forgiveness and even other people’s junk. The competition for the title of Top Chef, however, is hands down the best of them all. No doubt living in New Orleans, one of the culinary capitals of the

My Saturday at the EAT Show

Now, writing isn't an occupation I would recommend to anyone. It's a thankless job and though there's writing everywhere, it is taken for granted all the time. That being said, on rare occasions, there are perks as was the case this past weekend. Thanks to the folks at KTown Night Market,

All Things Manly: The Crockpot Is Your Friend

Gentlemen, time for another edition of “All Things Manly.” I missed a couple weeks due to spending most of my time engaging in manly behavior such as sharpening my knives, wearing flannel shirts, and not shaving my beard. Most of us are familiar with some basic cooking. Not necessarily in