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Top 5 Movie Franchises of All Time

Money. Money is awesome and it makes the world go 'round. Movies. Movies are also awesome. They don't make the world turn, but they're damn fun to watch. Well, most of them anyway (that's a post for another day). In any case, wouldn't it be fun if we looked at

Why KTown Needed a Voice and How We Found It

For the last few years, Koreatown, Los Angeles has been worming its way into popular, mainstream culture. The food, the nightlife and the grind, everything is being absorbed into popular media outlets at a faster and faster pace. With this steady diffusion of our unique blend of Korean and American

Best Movies of 2014

  2014 was a great year for film. Whether you like the big blockbusters or the smaller films, there was plenty for you to enjoy. And so much of it was quality. And even the disappointing films tended to be pretty damn interesting anyway. It was a big year and I

Ktown Footnotes… So Far So Good

When we broke the story about the Ktown Cowboys movie finally being made, we told you that the team would be releasing a weekly web series to commemorate the announcement. Well if you've been living under a rock these past 2 weeks, you won't know that the first episode was

The Boys are Back in Ktown

A couple months ago, I had the distinct pleasure of playing host to and speaking with Danny Cho, an up and coming Asian comedian whose comic prowess had extended to writing. If you read the piece and/or you were fans from before, you will know that one of his most popular projects

A Look Back at the Original Planet of the Apes Series

Since we’re getting a new Planet of the Apes film this month I thought it was a good time to revisit one of my favorite sci-fi series of all time. The original movies may seem a bit quaint to modern audiences used to expensive CGI spectacle, but there was a

J.J. Abrams: Bad for Star Trek, Great for Star Wars

J.J. Abrams will be great for Star Wars for the same exact reasons he was terrible for Star Trek. It’s a bold statement I know. There’s no denying that Abrams successfully rebooted the public’s interest in a sci-fi world that had not produced anything new since 2005. That’s if you

My Top 5 Sci-Fi TV Shows

Science fiction holds a special place in my heart. It fires up the imagination and gives you a glimpse into what is possible, whether it’s exploring new planets and species or even exploring new technology. In the future, anything goes. I've read a lot of great books and I've seen