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Brexit, Trump, Gun Control & George Bush: 5 Things To Do When Your Country Embarrasses You

With an election that shocked the world, England, and I specifically mean England - not Britain or the UK - voted to leave the European Union. And with that vote, many of my friends in the UK felt a feeling that has been all too familiar to me and many

Moderate Conservatives Are Ruining the Country

Editor's Note: This article was first published by us three years ago. In it, Brian explains how moderate Republicans were supporting and empowering a party that could destroy America and whose base was "bat-shit crazy." With Trump's win in Indiana this week, and no one standing between him and the Republican

Nothing Should Be Named After Scalia, Especially Not My Law School

For nearly six years I proudly called Richmond, Virginia, the capital of the Confederacy, my home. I lived in a historic and lovely section of town called the Fan and at one point had an apartment on the city’s most famous street, Monument Avenue. As the name would suggest, it

The Barnyard: Consider Miniature Goats

Growing up and living on a farm in rural Virginia has exposed me to a multitude of different animals and breeds both wild and domesticated alike. But there was one animal that seemed to never make it here to the farm. A friend called me up a few years ago

6 Questions for Trump’s Supports and His GOP Haters

After cleaning up on Super Tuesday, it now seems clear that the unimaginable is going to happen: a fascist demagogue will be the nominee of a major US political party. While I am not as troubled by this as many, mostly because I think it’s more likely Trump's nomination will spell the

Am I the Only One Who Loves Donald Trump?

Donald Trump might not be the presidential frontrunner the GOP establishment wants, but he most certainly is the candidate they deserve. In fact, based on the kind of politics the GOP has been involved in for the last eight years, and in some cases decades, I’d say Trump perfectly embodies

Being Western Doesn’t Mean Being White

This is an excerpt from Chapter 12 of the book Stranger in a Stranger Land: My Six Years in Korea. In it, I discuss my firsthand knowledge of an event that made national headlines in Korea in 2011, and highlighted how some of America's racial baggage showed itself in Korea's expat