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The Barnyard: Consider Miniature Goats

Growing up and living on a farm in rural Virginia has exposed me to a multitude of different animals and breeds both wild and domesticated alike. But there was one animal that seemed to never make it here to the farm. A friend called me up a few years ago

A New Mother’s Letter to Her Single Friend : I Still Want to Hang Out

Dear Old Friend, Hey! How have you been? I know it`s been a while since we’ve talked about anything other than the shitty winter weather via Facebook chat, and I`m sorry for that. I sent you some text messages a few weeks back. Did you get them? (I know you got them

All Things Manly: The Crockpot Is Your Friend

Gentlemen, time for another edition of “All Things Manly.” I missed a couple weeks due to spending most of my time engaging in manly behavior such as sharpening my knives, wearing flannel shirts, and not shaving my beard. Most of us are familiar with some basic cooking. Not necessarily in

10 Inexpensive Things To Do in the South

America is the 3rd most popular country for tourists in the world behind only France and China. And let's be real, if we didn't make it such a pain in the ass to get a visa to come here, we'd likely be number one. Regardless, millions of people still come every

Interesting Destinations For Your 2015 Bucket List

Interesting Destinations For Your 2015 Bucket List Sometimes there are amazing, and quiet, hideaways waiting for you just around the corner from top tourist destinations. You don't have to travel to Easter Island or West Africa just to get off the beaten track. Sometimes you don’t even have to travel outside

10 Lesser Known Places to Visit in 2015

There are a lot of places in the world to see, but some are more worth the effort than others. This is a list of some lesser known places and others that are quickly changing and deserve to be seen as they currently are. 10. Budapest, Hungary Budapest is the poor man's

10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Trip

I really believe that traveling abroad, however it's done, is better than not traveling at all with the exception of all inclusive resorts. While that kind of trip is great for relaxing, it doesn't challenge a person and, therefore, doesn't help them develop, learn or grow the way real travel