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Can We Agree that Kidnapping Babies is Wrong?

Sutter Memorial HospitalDo you know this hospital? Is your baby there? Get it out NOW. Let me fill you in if you haven’t heard yet. The story goes that a couple were taking their five-month-old baby to Sutter Memorial Hospital regularly as awesome parents do. One day, they roll in and suddenly, the cardiologist tells her she needs to put the baby into immediate surgery. They panic, take the baby for a second opinion to a Kaiser Permanente hospital in the area. The couple don’t inform the hospital of them leaving. The Kaiser cardiologist tells them that the baby is in no immediate danger and that they could go home with him. Several hours later, 4 police officers storm this couple’s house with a Child Protective Services (CPS) agent. They pin down the father and take the 5 month old infant from the mother and leave offering no explanation. The fact that this heist crew did not have a warrant was also being highlighted in the media. What?

Just in case you can’t believe this is real:

If you just saw that and thought it sounded really f-ed up, thank goodness. You have a heart. Immediately, your second reaction would have been to wonder what the hell kind of ridiculous doctors they have at Sutter Memorial, right? On one hand, we have a doctor claiming that immediate surgery was needed. On the other, we have a doctor saying, and I quote, the child is “clinically safe to go home” with his parents. Now, in hindsight, we can clearly see that the child was not in need of an immediate surgery. Since this happened on the 24th.

Here’s what really got me heated. Today, was the scheduled court hearing for the Nikolayev couple to get their baby back. There I was, searching the news to figure out what happened. I find out that A) the couple now can see their baby which is in custody at the hospital, B) that they were ordered by the court to not ever take their child out of the hospital without discharge orders, and C) that their baby was going to be transferred to Stanford Medical for the second opinion they wanted. Are you fucking kidding me?!

If Sutter Memorial charges anything to the Nikolayev couple (Anna and Alex) for the stay that Sammy had there, someone needs to shut that place down for robbery. What’s ridiculous is, the hospital isn’t being brought up on malpractice charges. Did they have a quota to meet? Why did Sammy suddenly need surgery that day? Oh, look, 5 days later, the baby is still alive and ready to go to another hospital to get that second opinion. THANK GOD FOR THESE AWESOME PARENTS! What’s really laughable? The parents were told that they took Sammy because of gross negligence on their part.

Look, I’m not saying that every doctor there is crap, but clearly, at least one is. Shouldn’t this guy be getting fired? Where is the report on that jackass? Is it OK that armed guards accompanied a state-sanctioned child services agent to kidnap a child even though there was a second opinion delivered by a doctor stating that the first was a glaring error? I hope I’m not screaming at the top of my lungs to a world that doesn’t care, but really?!

Maybe it’s just me. I’m sure that the system was set up in the most efficient way as manageable given the infrastructure. Yes, as much as people can gripe about it, it’s something we need and it is something that is imperfect. Fine. At the very least, shouldn’t a body that passes judgments (i.e. the courts) ask these kinds of questions? It was Sutter that made the call to CPS. It was Sutter that gave the wrong diagnosis. It was Sutter that held the baby. Anyone seeing a pattern here?

DexterI’m not going to tell you to stop going to Sutter Memorial if you have a doctor that you’ve been seeing there a long time. I am going to say there is at least one scalpel-happy surgeon there that’s going to want to put your baby under a knife. Clearly, I’m hoping here that this cardiologist, I don’t know, let’s just call him Dexter for now, only sees infants because if he sees people of all ages, Sutter Memorial is going to be looking at a mass exodus of patients. In any case, expectant mothers and fathers in the Sacramento area. Please find another hospital to go to.

Alex S. Pak
A young professional with a passion for rhetoric. He was born and raised in Southern California where he attended high school and college. Alex focused his studies on the humanities and is a keen observer of the human condition. In is spare time, enjoys reading, watching movies, and partying like a rock star.

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