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8 Cartoon Characters I Wanted To Be When I Was 8

When I was 8, Saturday morning was dedicated to cartoons. I woke up early to be pulled into fantastic worlds filled with mutants, knights, super heroes, and space battles. During the week, my imagination ran wild with daydreams of being some of these characters. This is a list of 8

Rooting on the Global Stage: Identity Through Sports

On days I drive into work, I routinely tune into NPR to get the latest on weather, traffic, and the daily news. A good portion of yesterday’s segment focused on the 2014 Winter Olympics, specifically the Women’s Short Skate which was starting at 10am EST. I surreptitiously whipped out my

The Generosity of Americans: What BatKid Says About Us

Nearly a month has passed since the Make-a-Wish Foundation and the city of San Francisco teamed up to grant 5-year-old leukemia patient, Miles Scott, his dream of being Batman for a day, and the story still continues to amaze me. The kind of collective effort that it took to realize

Affirmative Action: The Institutionalization of Racial Discrimination

My fellow NSB Editor Brian Williams recently wrote an article, “The Continued Need for Affirmative Action.” He argues that affirmative action (AA) helps “break the institutionalized cycle of poverty,” that racial diversity is a laudable goal in higher education, and that opponents of AA are not so much concerned about

Originalism, Living Constitution and the Power of Judicial Review

About a month ago, I began a conversation with some friends about the disturbing trends of young adult literature which led me to write an article about it. The conversation then took a turn, as one friend asked for our opinions of teaching creationism in schools, which I also turned into

Creationism and Religion in Public Schools

Two weeks ago, I wrote an article discussing some disturbing trends in young adult literature and the shared responsibility that different members of society have for protecting children against distasteful and inappropriate material. During an online discussion, one friend asked, on a loosely related note, where I stood on teaching

Children and Literature: What should they read?

In the July/August 2013 issue of Imprimis, Hillsdale College’s monthly conservative opinion publication, Meghan Cox Curdon, a children’s book reviewer for the Wall Street Journal, presented the case for good taste in children’s books. Ms. Curdon had written an article entitled “Darkness Too Visible” which discussed “the increasingly dark current

Why We Don’t Like Ben As Batman

So it’s official. Ben Affleck is the new Batman and will replace Christian Bale in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie. It’s all over my Facebook feed, and barring a few exceptions, most people are not willing to give him a shot (although Buzzfeed had an article about 21 reasons