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Top 5 Movie Franchises of All Time

Money. Money is awesome and it makes the world go 'round. Movies. Movies are also awesome. They don't make the world turn, but they're damn fun to watch. Well, most of them anyway (that's a post for another day). In any case, wouldn't it be fun if we looked at

My Saturday at the EAT Show

Now, writing isn't an occupation I would recommend to anyone. It's a thankless job and though there's writing everywhere, it is taken for granted all the time. That being said, on rare occasions, there are perks as was the case this past weekend. Thanks to the folks at KTown Night Market,

Why I Think I’m Feeling the Bern

I want to start this post by stating, without equivocation, I am and have been a registered Republican in the state of California since I've been able to vote. Now, that statement, these days, sounds like a confession more than a simple statement of fact. And that's the real problem.

Passion Project: Gardner’s Vision, More Than Pedals

If you're a cyclist you might know Bryan Gardner from his first big Kickstarter campaign, Fly Pedals. For the rest of you, this might be a first introduction. Either way, this Colorado native is on a roll right now and he's set his sights high, into the clouds so to

Walter, Danny & PK: Kings of KTown

Koreatown Los Angeles wasn't always a nightlife hot spot for all Angelinos, but in recent years, the largely homogeneous population of soju drinkers has experienced a big and wonderful change, non-Koreans have joined the fray. While I won't sit here and say that this is what pushed the Kings of