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Must See Destinations: Australia

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Australia is a beautiful island Nation, completely surrounded by water. This country is a mix of modern as well as natural beauty and blessed with breathtaking landscapes. The beaches here have dreamy white sand and clear blue water perfect for a laid back experience whereas the cities are some of the most organized and busy places in the world. Australia certainly has grown a lot from its early days as a far flung colony of England, but it has not forgotten its culture and the natural reserves it has been blessed with. Here is a list of the top 7 most incredible holiday destinations in Australia. A visit to any one of them will make for some unforgettable memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.


Sydney is one of the Australia‚Äôs most happening cities with loads of things to do in and around the city. Sydney has an amazing night life and the food you get here is simply awesome. The city is dotted with many areas of interest like the Opera House, Darling Harbour, Marine aquarium and a number of world-class shopping malls. Sydney is situated on the seaside so, while you’re there, you can easily visit beaches, go scuba diving and cruise through the calm Australian waters.


Cairns is a small city with a lot of uniquely Australian experiences to offer. This coastal city welcomes you with pristine white beaches and clear water. This city also offers easy access to the Great Barrier Reef for explorers who want to scuba dive. Then there is the natural beauty that you can easily take in by riding a cable car over its rainforest. There is also no shortage of amazing local food here, too.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island lies to the east of Australia’s coast and is the longest beach of the world at 122 km. This island has been listed as a World Heritage site because of its complex sand dune systems. This place offers infinite natural beauty and a serene atmosphere for those looking for some much needed relaxation.

Ayers Rocks

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Ayers Rocks, also known as Uluru, is located near the city of Alice Springs. Ayers Rocks is the largest rock Monolith in the world and is one of the sacred places of the Aboriginals of Australia. The magnificence of Ayers Rocks will leave you both spellbound and feeling blessed at the same time simply for having gotten to see it.


Tasmania is a must-see island for every nature lover. This place is quite similar to New Zealand and has both mountains and beaches. Tasmania has had quite a history and that is clearly visible in its wonderful architecture. If you have a week’s time, book a ticket to Tasmania. I promise you will never regret the decision.

The Great Ocean Road

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The Great Ocean Road is a must-visit place when you are in Melbourne. Melbourne is a modern city with all the luxuries of the modern world, and just 3 hours away from it on this road are a set of breathtaking, lone standing natural monoliths that rise up out of the ocean while fighting erosion from both wind and water.

Kakadu National Park

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Kakadu National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the country. Its natural beauty and the wildlife you find here make no trip to Australia complete without a stop off at this park.

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